Our executive brings unparalleled local experience and expertise. This unique offering ranges from marketing and PR to corporate advisory, from project bids to strategic reviews, professional development to events, and from political and regulatory advice to deep dive reputational audits and analysis. We can put you in the centre of this huge growth market.

While we actively participate in public policy, StratWest is not a lobbyist. We provide our clients with the advice, political analysis, intel, and the training to enable and empower them to manage their own direct representation – a best practice model for modern engagement.
Market entry & advisory
We deliver ‘insider’ knowledge and analyse regional data to help you leverage Australia’s third largest economy and society.
Stakeholder engagement
We bring key decision makers and major influencers together, and secure you a seat at the main table - to shift the dial.
Media & communications
We design compelling marketing tools, engaging PR strategies, and great events to define a narrative and help tell your story.
Infrastructure bids and major property projects
We help you form and integrate bid teams, craft a message, build support, jump bureaucratic hurdles, and win approvals.
Reputational audits and strategy review
We access our elite network to ask the tough questions, analyse the answers, and reposition your organisation.
Political advice and analysis
We provide the critical intel and then arm you with the capacity and contacts to navigate political environments.