Westline Partnership

Our team established and managed the WestLine Partnership from late 2014 to secure political support for a light rail route along Sydney’s Olympic Corridor, which evolved into an urban design program.
Key deliverables
  • Assembled a powerful coalition of landowners, local councils, and state agencies to advocate for the Olympic Corridor to be developed before the Eastwood link favoured by Transport for NSW.
  • Commissioned a major study on the use of private finance to help develop the project, culminating in a major public debate about ‘value capture’.
  • Drove public and government awareness of the Olympic Corridor precinct and the opportunities for land use, planning, and governance.
  • Secured a public commitment from the then Premier to prioritise the Parramatta-Olympic Park link, using a value capture/development levy funding.
  • Provided a united and single voice for an engaged and committed group of stakeholders and landowners, as well as generating third party endorsement.
  • Media campaign achieved extensive coverage.

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